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Alumni Member of
International School of
Christian Counselors

As with most ministries, they are born out of need.

Most Christian schools are started because of the burden or vision of one person or a small group of people. It is the enthusiasm and dedication of that individual or small group that will push through to see the vision become a reality. Excitedly, Christian Schools are on the rise and we are glad to be on board!

Although the students are an important focus of any Christian School, Jesus must be the central figure. If a school is to be Christian, Christ must be at the center. Parents, board members, teachers, and staff must strive to carry out the basic principles of Scripture as they work together to provide a Christian education for children and young people.

The academic education and spiritual welfare of young lives is a serious responsibility and should be dealt with wisely and with much prayer.  The Christian school has as its mission the education of young people from a Christian perspective derived from biblical values.

Our aim socially is to provide a Christian perspective on life and the world from which will come a balanced and proper understanding and acceptance of a person’s role in life at home, at work, at play, and at worship—all grounded in Christian concepts.

Our purpose at Faith Christian Academy is to provide quality education based on a firm foundation of God’s Word. We hope to work together with Christian parents to “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Faith Christian Academy desires to be an extension of the Christian home, established to train each student in the knowledge of God and the Christian way of life.

If I can answer any questions or be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Vickie L McCarty, Ph.D.




Meet our Elementary Teacher!

               Amy Kocher

Amy has been a member of Sidell Assembly UPC all her life. She has been a Christian Educator for over eleven years. She has received her Associates in Elementary Education and is currently studying for her Bachelors degree at Liberty University. Amy works with our K-5 classes.

Amy brings a lot of fun ideas to the School and is definitely committed to her position as teacher. We are so grateful and blessed to have her!

Raiyanna .jpg

Meet our Pre K  Teacher Aide!

             Raiyanna Thomas

Raiyanna  has been a member of Sidell Assembly for over 15 years. She was our first FCA High School Graduate! She is enrolled at Liberty University working on her Preschool Certification. She is a great person to work with, with some exciting and fun ideas and the Preschool students love her! 

A word from our students

Thankful for FCA!!!

"This school is awesome!

I'm very thankful for this school because for one, I'm not judged for what I believe in. Two, I can be me without peer pressure and last but not least there is no big drama! At my other school I would end up in a lot of drama from some "mean girls" but when I would talk to the teachers about it they didn't do anything to help and I would end up so frustrated with the world! Here at FCA there is no reason for drama and IF something comes up the teachers actually listen to both sides of the story!  I also use to hate myself and my family, but now my problems are shrinking and my hate toward myself has turned to: 'I am beautiful and worth it!' At my previous school I had F's in almost all my classes and I had an "I don't care about my future" attitude. I now have A's, B's, and C's in my classes thanks to the NO- D or F Zone enforced at FCA.

I thank God and Vickie McCarty for my awesome new school!"

Savannah T.

Age 13 

8th grade

Sis R.jpg

Meet our High School Teacher!

              Rhonda Fogle

Rhonda has been a member of Sidell Assembly for over 49 years! She has been a Christian Educator for many years.  She has an Associates Degree from Gateway College of Evangelism in Christian Education. Rhonda brings a lot of encouragement to FCA, and we are excited to have her on staff!

Kayle with wtrmrk.jpg

Meet our Jr High Teacher Aide!

                     Kayle Wright

Kayle has been a member of Sidell Assembly for three years. She is currently an 11th grade student at FCA as well as enrolled with Liberty University working on her Associates Degree in Christian Education. Kayle is an exceptional student as well asTeacher Aide and we look forward to her continued work at FCA!

A word from our students

"Arriving last year (2018) I was unsure about liking and enjoying being here. The feeling of leaving my friends and my comfort zone of my old school made me nervous. But FCA literally brings you out of your shell and makes you feel a part of the family! 

At my old school no one cared about what you did or what your grades were. And to be honest, neither did I. But now that I am here I care what my grades are and the teachers really care about me. 

FCA has pushed me further in my education and now I strive to be the best for the school, myself and God. My teacher has encouraged me to be the best I can be. And with her help I (being a freshman) am getting out of two semester finals because of good grades! I could not have done it without her and God guiding me through the process."

Raiyanna T

Age 14

Grade 9

My first year at FCA was amazing, and well, kind of different. I was hesitant going to FCA at first, well as anyone would be, starting a new school and all, but when I got there, I realized that it was a good place to be. It's a God loving, bully-free, praying school! And we have fun field trips and fun days!

You always feel safe and feel like family. I will tell you this school is the best school you will EVER go to, and I so recommend that you attend this school!            


by Joy J. 

8th grade 

13 years old

A word from our students

"Hi my name is Zona. I'm a new student here at FCA.  I came here during my 3rd quarter because I had to finish at my old school first.  It was bitter and sweet about switching schools but I'm a lot happier here at FCA! I'm getting better grades, I've changed in a good way with my attitude also. I'm a lot more confident about myself and in school. I have a better attitude with my mom and she trusts me more. I stopped fighting with my family and I have learned how to be more careful about who and what I tell people. I also talk to my mom more about things. Being here at FCA is helping me get closer to God and getting better grades; up to A's, B's and C's! I'm so happy about it because I finally get to take Drivers Ed over the Summer and I've waited two years -but it was worth the wait. I have pushed myself and worked harder to get better grades. I would recommend for every one to join the FCA family. Everyone is welcome to come. We would love to have you here! I love this school and you will too. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!"  :) 

Zona L.

Age 16

10th Grade

A word from our students

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