Where everyone is someone
And we all feel like family!

Faith Christian Academy is a Private Christian School located in Sidell Illinois. It's been our desire to establish a Christian School for many years. We are excited and proud to final be able to say it is happening!

 It is our desire that each K-12 student entrusted to Faith Christian Academy is inspired to rise to a commitment of excellence in their relationship with God and in their academic instruction. 

We believe that with the right spiritual guidance, a strong foundation of truth and godly role models as teachers, our young people will have a charted course towards success. 

With God's grace and favor we fully expect great things for all who are involved in

Faith Christian Academy

Reaping the Benefits

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Mar 19

Report Cards


Mar 20

Easter Basket Auction

Online via Facebook


Mar 31-Apr 4

Easter Break


Apr 16-17

Ark Encounter Trip


May 7

Community Day


Letter from the Pastor 

of Sidell Assembly, UPC

Watercolor Butterfly 9
Drawing of Rabbit
May 18

Last day of School